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November 22, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Sadly you've not heard much from me every since....well life bringing huge changes and extreme business. But I do think of you and my little blog often. I want and need to blog about my everyday...the little things that make my life and this blog unique.

So in short....what have I been up too?

I am trying to embrace the cold months coming....we have more cold than warm in Germany....not so nice but I do enjoy cozy moments at home and Christmas coming. I have started wearing my new boots just about every day since I am a cold blooded person and always freezing......and I seem to have a hard time going to bed without my cup of tea. Some days feel like I've been running around "doing" something....and tea symbolizes time and relaxation for me.

Teaching my fourteen first graders is fun and different every single day. I have some students that are having an easy time learning....others are autistic child needing special help and one adhd child seeming to be everywhere except on the task to do.  Some talk way to much...another needs to be reminded to speak up. They love singing and learning new songs. Their favorite is the song we learned in English...the rainbow song.

At home I am turning my little town apartment into a cozy area I call my home. I am cooking...just about every single day.... some days I enjoy being creative and trying a new recipe....other days I am freaking out because there is SO MUCH to do....and pizza it is. The life a working newly married girl trying to find the balance.

I am happy....I am enjoying every single day....I love my weekends....and I am still dreaming....I always dream and always have 100 plans I want to work on...

So that's been what I've been up too.

You? I would love to hear from you guys!

November 20, 2014

DIY Bird Pillow

This little pillow was a fun quick project. I had finished repolstering my rocking chair and was working on some simple pillow covers. I am wanting yellow to dominate among many colors in my living room so I've been collecting t-shirts, sweaters and other material that is yellow. This pillow was a yellow T-shirt.....and then to make it more fun.....I added a blue bird with some of the material I had left over from the rocking chair.

I totally enjoy being creative.....and l love how my living room is coming together.

November 18, 2014

Upholstering My Rocking Chair

So this weekend I wanted to finally finish this project. I literally have been wanting to do it for years. About 5 years ago friends of ours moved back to the States and was going through their stuff.....when I saw this on their "to go" pile I knew I wanted it. My grandma used it for awhile and we just put a big pillow on it.... 

This is how I got it:

Very unprofessional....but it works!

Sewed a simple pillow cover.... and then sewed the corners straight.

Lovin' it!

So what do you think? A little peak into my home. ☺

November 12, 2014

Easy DIY Fall Banner

This was a fun, pinterest inspired fall craft I did on Saturday. I love decorating with vintage books so easy it was to rip out a few pages, cut the pages into banners and glue on the colorful fall leaves. Next pull a string through the pages and ....viola!

What are some fall crafts you guys have been pinning? Share the link in a comment.

October 27, 2014

The Beginning of Teaching

If you follow me on instagram you've been able to join my journey of first year teaching. I am teaching first grade at a Christian school here in Germany where I live.
I have fourteen adorable little 6 and 7 year olds.....only 4 of which are boys.....the rest are chatter boxes. ☺

The two pictures above were taken on the first graders first day of school.... You see, in Germany you start reading and writing in first grade and it is a big deal to start school. Here first graders start  a week later than the rest of the students. The first day of school is a Saturday where the kids show up at school with their whole families, dressed in their Sunday's best, carrying their new school bags and their "cones". The other students prepare a little program and welcome them to this new chapter of their lives as students. It is always fun for the kids.

I honestly don't know who was more nervous.... the kids or me.☺ It was a fun day....and the last 5 weeks were great too! Teaching is the job for me......but I am thankful to have this week off....fall break. ☺

October 24, 2014

Our First Apartment

Living room - balcony view
Kitchen- view into Living room

Hi Lovely readers,

Lot's more has happened since getting married....with starting a new family we also needed a place we could call home. Patrick and I were looking for that special place for quite some time..... we all have plans on how things ought to be.....and God's ways are different.

Four whole weeks after we were married we signed the contract for this little place. Times were tough before....sharing a single bed for 3 weeks wasn't about getting to know each others sleeping habits! ☺

We started moving in right away.....I had only 1 week left before I had to start my full time teaching job. Little by little we moved things into the apartment we called our own......and have been these last few weeks.

I'm planning on sharing how I furnished and decorated the place in the coming is about the my Blue Birdhouse I call home.

September 22, 2014

Professional Pictures

A friend from church just started getting into taking wedding pictures..... she came to me to ask if she could just kinda tag along and take pictures in order to get some experience. She ended up being the only and main photographer and she did an great job and can only get more amazing!

All these pictures were taken at the Schwetzingen Palace Gardens.... a beautiful place. Don't you agree?