March 22, 2013

Patrick's Birthday- the first time together

We were really looking forward to this day! This would be Patrick's first birthday where we were really together....and though money is a big subject right now I wanted the birthday to be fun and "rememberable"...if that's a word. ☺

So date night for this month was.....bowling!!! Patrick really wanted to go bowling and it took awhile to find someone to go with us but ended up having a WONDERFUL evening. The couple has been coming to our church for a little over 6 months and this was an awesome opportunity to get to know them. We played aournd 4.5 games (hourly rate) and boy was I sore the next day.

The bowling allee is on the American base so we got to enjoy some American food (Intalian sausage pizza) refills! Its great. In Germany you pay almost double the amount for your drink and NO refills! 

We were doing so much laughing, teasing and fun memories.

Here I am bowling a first one.

Sundays we normally just stay at church so we don't have to walk home....this Sunday was no different....well it was. We had like 25+ people there and cake, laughter, games, singing....

Here are some pictures:

Patrick being with a weird smile.....oh and we tried Peanut Butter Oreos for the first time!

Playing music with friends....and singing.

I made Patrick a yummy Axis and Allies birthday cake.....turned out pretty sweet...and really American. ☺

A black shirt from me and my mom....he had been saying he would really like one....can't  wait to see him wear it.

Here his big surprise from some of the guys in church: TWO Axis and Allies is hug!!!! He is really loves the games.

Oh, in case you were wondering....nope, he is not named Patrick for the holiday....he's a junior....pretty cool, huh?


  1. Happy Birthday to Patrick! Looks like you guys had fun.

  2. Iris! I feel so bad! I didn't blurp about your blog on the day you guest-posted me! I have to admit to having totally forgotten! I am so sorry about that! :(

    1. That is OK. I didn't think of it either and didn't even check if you did. ☺

  3. Happy belated birthday to Patrick ! The pics are great and oh my gosh the cake is AWESOME ! I wish I could have a slice right NOW !!!
    Have a great saturday Iris ! Have fun with your handsome guy !

    1. I will tell him your birthday greetings! The cake did taste good. It tasted really really sweet....very American! ☺

      Thank you and a great Saturday & Sunday to you too!

  4. Looks like you managed to make a pretty special birthday of it! Oh, and memorable would be the word you were looking for ;-)

    1. It was special...he really liked it! Oh and thanks....memorable....I was sitting there trying to think of the lazy to google it. ;)


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